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Helping women re-enter employment, education and training Giving practical advice to women in their job search Promoting and disseminating good practice in the training and recruitment of returners Encouraging employers and policy-makers to address the needs of women returners Advising employers on good practice in retaining staff during and after a break Promoting understanding of the enormous resource to the economy that returners represent Being a national source of information for individuals, guidance workers and the media Creating partnerships to develop innovative methods of supporting returners Working with organisations who support our aims

WRN Europe:
Operates a wide range of activities ensuring issues for returners are high on the agendas of European countries. WRN UK has provided consultancy to a number of governments on how to develop equal opportunity, work-life balance and family friendly strategies.

WRN Middle East:
Opportunities for women in the Arab world are expanding. The advent of globalization and the knowledge economy is allowing women in Arab countries to play an increasing role in the economies of their countries. WRN is working with a number of ministries and women's groups across the region. In due course it will provide useful tools and products to assist the development of an infrastructure for women returners.

WRN USA and Canada:
WRN has been part of a series of events developed in partnership with the Women's Unit (Cabinet Office). One of the activities was a major US Canadian/UK conference. WRN was a key influencer at this conference. It now operates in order to network and exchange ideas and best practice in North America.

WRN Eastern Europe:
WRN is working with a number of agencies in Brussels (including the Commission) to assist the former East European countries. We are working to ensure that a new set of arrangements can be put in place for women returners. Our work in these countries is focused mainly on training. In particular training the trainers. Future plans will be work with employers to advise them on family friendly policy arrangments

WRN Australia and the Far East:
It is early days for work within this vast regions.


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