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As we look to the future we are aware that there are a number of opportunities before us, as well as different directions in which we could develop the activities of the charity. In order to help us take the decisions that these options will involve, we would very much value your views on a number of questions.

These questions are set out below. To save your time, we have written as many questions as possible so that all you have to do is tick the box that best reflects your views or situation. However we have also provided the space for longer answers, should you wish to provide them.


Q1. Listed below are a number of services that the Women Returners' Network could, or does, supply. How valuable to your organisation would each one be? To answer, tick the box in each row that best reflects your view.

Very valuable
Fairly valuable
Slightly valuable
Not at all valuable
Not applicable / Don't know
Reports from new research commissioned by the WRN
A digest of relevant research carried out by other bodies
Reports summarising best employment practice in relation to Returners'
Practical advice on employing and retaining Returners
An employers' advice and help line
Bespoke consultancy services
Giving presentations to staff on the employment of Returners.
The production of presentations on the employment of Returners, to be given by your internal staff
An online Forum, for corporate and academic members of WRN only

If there are any other services that WRN could usefully supply to your organisation, please indicate what these are.

Which methods of sending information to you would you prefer us to use (we appreciate that not all types of media will be applicable to all potential services)?

Would prefer to receive
Would be prepared to receive
Would NOT be prepared to receive
Don't know
Brouchure / leaflet
Powerpoint presentations
Personal visits
Postings on out website

. If there are any other ways of receiving information from WRN that your organisation would like to use, please indicate what these are.

Q5. There are a number of specific issues that relate to Returners about which we could provide either information, research or advice. Please indicate in the table below how valuable to your organisation information about each of these areas would be.

Very valuable
Fairly valuable
Slightly valuable
Not at all valuable
Not applicable/ don't know
Barriers facing potential Returners
Typical training needs that face Returners
Training opportunities available to Returners
Quantification of the business case for using Family Friendly policies
The role and valueof Mentors for Returners
Promoting ambition in women Returners
Organisational barriers to the advancement of women
Helping working mothers find childcare
Balancing work and motherhood
Overcoming gender stereotyping
Shattering the glass ceiling


Q6. If there are any other issues relating to Returners that your organisation would like information about, please indicate what these are.

Q7. Would your organisation be willing to sponsor research, information sheets, reports etc. by the WRN on certain subjects?


Q8. If yes, are there any subjects that you would particularly like to support?

Q9. We intend to increase the activity levels of the WRN, by helping more individuals, providing more support to our corporate members, and by commissioning more frequent research. In order to help support this increase in activity we would like to increase the Corporate Members fee to 299 per annum. Would you be willing to pay this size of a fee?


Q10. If you would like to take this opportunity to let us know of any other needs, thoughts or queries you have relating to the work of the Women's Returners' Network, please write these here.




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