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Mind out for the Millennium!

The Campaign's Mind out for the Millennium! promotion kicked in during January as the UK's millennial festivities turned to thoughts of new year resolutions. Media messages in the press and radio emphasised the value of informal learning and the potential for, and importance of, older people continuing learning in the new era.

The Campaign had teamed up with the DfEE and NIACE's Sign Up Again initiative to reinforce the message that learning will be key in the Knowledge Age. Lifelong Learning Minister Malcolm Wicks launched a campaign to find Britain's oldest learner, while NIACE's Sign Up Again focused on encouraging learners to enrol on courses.

Celebrities ranging from Sir Alex Ferguson to Bob Holness revealed what they hoped to learn in 2000 as part of the Campaign's promotion, while older role models such as 89 year-old Sunny Lowry, the first British woman to swim the Channel, explained why learning remains central to their continuing health and happiness. Meanwhile, public figures such as Charles Handy and David Blunkett shared their visions of what a learning society will look like.

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