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Overview of the Inmiform Project

WRN is moving into a new era.
Having worked in the UK and Europe for many years it has now developed the network further and wider. The following operations are now in place to ensure that WRN continues to be the network for women returners worldwide (almost).

Work/Life Balance 2001
The Management Today/ Ceridian survey into work/life balance is out, and has some interesting results.

Bite Size Courses
Information and links on the new innovative courses offered by the LSC

As we look to the future we are aware that there are a number of opportunities before us, as well as different directions in which we could develop the activities of the charity. In order to help us take the decisions that these options will involve, we would very much value your views on a number of questions.

Help returning to work
Information on a publication available from Keith News Ltd, "107 winning ideas on returning to work." Contains tips and information to assist women to return to work.

Individual Learning Accounts
What are Individual Learning Accounts? Plus related articles and links.

Mind out for the Millennium!
Campaign for Learning - Learning to Live Newsletter Winter 2000
News on how the Campaign for Learning initiative is making progress.

Women in the new economy
Report for the Women Returners' Network by Christine Camp May 1999
Issues for Women Returners in the 21st Centurty - Thinking Points.

New adult skills curriculum
't' Magazine July 2000 Edition
A report on the Governments National Curriculum for Basic Skills.

Ending age prejudice at work
't' Magazine May 2000 Edition
Britain's leading employers sign up for hard hitting strategy.

Will Europe be short of children?
Wolfgang Lutz, Family Observer 1999
The rise in Europe's average age and its effects.


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