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If you have a question for our expert, Joy MacMillian please complete and submit the form below. Scots born Joy is Chief Executive of WRN in assosication with the Grow Trust.She has considerable expertise in issues relating to women returners and work life balance. WRN is the national charity working for women returners. However to ensure that men are not left out or disadvantaged WRN works in partnership with the Grow Trust. GROW is innovative organisation that helps both men and women return to work. The Grow Trust established a database of work life balance policies and family friendly companies in 1993. This resource demostrates forward thinking well ahead of its time.

As Chief Executive Joy works for WRN on all aspects of its activity. She is leading a team who is developing new products and services for women returners and companies. She liases and lobbies accross a wide range of goverment departments. In addition Joy ensures that the views of WRN are at the forefront of all relevant organisations.


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