Smartphones for Productive People



While smartphones are great for keeping you entertained while you are out and about, there are some models that are geared towards helping you remain productive rather than simply alleviating boredom.

Of course smartphones are designed to be multifunctional, so even the most basic model should allow you to send emails and download productivity-enhancing apps. But if you want to significantly increase your efficiency, there are a number of devices you may wish to consider.

BlackBerry Bold 9900

BlackBerry manufacturer RIM has dabbled with full touchscreen smartphones in the past, with the Torch range supplying the kind of tactile interface with which most modern users will be familiar.

However, if you decide to sell Blackberry Torch 9810 handsets you can now upgrade to a model that combines the traditional form with contemporary capabilities.

The Bold 9900 is the current pinnacle of the BlackBerry range, featuring a touchscreen display together with a full QWERTY keypad. For many business users, this is a must-have in order to be truly productive while on the move.

The ability to type with physical keys whilst utilising the top notch messaging services offered by all BlackBerry devices is a compelling those who need to stay in touch, whether for work or pleasure.

You also get a fast 1.2GHz processor, high definition video recording and plenty of on-board storage space, so this is something of a multimedia powerhouse.

Nokia Asha 303

The new Asha 303 is a replacement for the two year old E5, so if you decide to sell Nokia E5 handsets with a view to upgrading, you will be able to switch to a fresh, funky looking phone that is still highly usable and productive.

Like the Bold 9900 it has a full physical QWERTY keypad, even though this device is built for the more affordable end of the market. It also comes in a variety of colours to appeal to a teen audience that will love its messaging and chat capabilities.

Social networking integration and diverse app support, together with its own touchscreen interface, make the Asha 303 an ideal device for anyone with a busy to-do list.

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