The road to redundancy should be followed to the letter

The current economic climate has left nobody unaffected, and even those who have managed to stay in employment may have had the threat of redundancy hanging over them like a black cloud from time to time. The fact is that there are still not enough jobs around to get the millions of unemployed back to work, and the redundancy cloud is looming large for many more.

Redundancy should be a straightforward process, but for those who aren’t sure how it should be carried out it can seem a very grey area. In short, redundancy is effectively a type of dismissal, so in order to claim redundancy you have to have been dismissed. The next step is the tricky one; are you genuinely redundant in that your job doesn’t exist anymore?

Many unscrupulous employers will claim a job is redundant just to get rid of the employee for whatever reason. This is in fact unfair dismissal classed as redundancy to avoid paying out a hefty settlement. A small payoff of, for example, a month’s wages, is a lot less that they would be ordered to pay by a court in an unfair dismissal case.

Anyone in the employment market who is unsure of any aspect of the law when it comes to redundancy, unfair dismissal or any of the other areas covered by employment law should head online to the employee SOS website to find the answers to all their questions.

You simply cannot put a number on the amount of people who have been taken advantage of and treated badly by their employers simply because they weren’t aware of the law and what procedure should have been followed. Do not let yourself be the next one to join these statistics, and find out what you need to know beforehand, as hindsight doesn’t pay the bills.

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