How to work from home as a contractor

Set up your own professional business website.
Networking / Social networking. Look out for local networking groups or industry-specific events that could generate more interest in your work. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are an effective source for freelancers and are a free way of advertising your business.
Contacts you may already know. There may be potential clients that you have already met, either in a business or social sense. Get in contact with any one who you have come across who might need your services, or if not, may know of someone who does need you.
Websites for freelancers. There are many websites that are especially for freelancers and some of these can provide job opportunities.

Contractor Accountants

To work for yourself, you have to take on many different roles to keep your business going.

One of these responsibilities includes sorting out your accounts. This is where a contractor accountant can come in handy for those who are self-employed.

Not only do you have someone who can explain and guide you through issues such as National Insurance contributions, Corporation tax and whether you are considered as ’outside’ or ‘inside’ the IR35 legislation; you also have the confidence that your finances are being taken care of properly.

There is also the benefit of tax planning, as a good contractor accountant will be able to legally minimise your tax bill, saving you money, which will essentially mean that the service will more than likely ‘pay for itself’.

If you decide to take on an accountant there are a few key points to take into consideration:

What credentials do they have?
Are there any additional costs? – You should make sure that you’re aware of any extra costs, such as if you are to be charged every time you call or email your accountant.
Where are they located and can you meet your accountant?
Do you have one point of contact? – Try to ensure that you are allocated one point of contact for all subjects, the same person for tax, bookkeeping, expenses etc. so that you are not constantly being passed around.

It’s important that you look around for contractor accountants who specialise with the self-employed so that you can rest assure that they understand the ins and outs of how contractor tax works and know how to advise you properly.

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