Employment Solicitors in London

Solicitors are the kind of people that we hope we have as little to do with in our lifetimes as possible. This tends to be because they deal with situations  we don’t care to think of, such as wills, divorces and child custody. They have also managed to acquire somewhat of a bad reputation recently in what has been called the ‘compensation culture’ we now live in, when everyone seems to be suing everybody for everything.

While undoubtedly those who have received payouts are extremely grateful for the work that has been done on their behalf, those who were sued take a slightly different view of things. This aside, there are times when a solicitor is necessary, such as in matters of employment. Many don’t realise that employment is a specialised area of the law, and therefore are invaluable in employment related issues that you need help with.

If you are an employee or an employer, the ever changing legislation in employment law can be baffling to say the least. While employees will have their own people to guide them through the veritable minefield, this luxury isn’t afforded to all employees. Finding out about employment solicitors in London, for example, is very easy now thanks to the internet as they will be listed as having this as their speciality.

There are many situations where an employment solicitor can help you if you have spoken to your employer and received no joy. A common one is if you feel you are being discriminated against because of your sex, so making sure that your company is adhering to the equal opportunities policy. If you have been overlooked for a promotion or pay rise etc and you feel it’s because of your sex, an employment solicitor can fight your corner for you.

Any kind of discrimination, by law, must not be tolerated anywhere, especially in the workplace. There is no way that somebody should be made to suffer just because they are young, old, male, female or have different religious beliefs or sexual orientation. If you are good at your job and have shown in the past your temerity and ability yet are still overlooked there is something very wrong, and it’s time to visit an employment solicitor.

This is only one area of course, and other reasons for contacting an employment solicitor include checking out contracts, ensuring your new employee’s handbook is legal, carrying out negotiations with trade unions, ensuring the company is adhering to the data protection act and mediation is company disputes that numerous meetings have been able to resolve.

When you consider the work that is involved in being an employment solicitor and the way that they work to ensure fairness for everyone, this is one branch that should be looked on favourably and not bunched in with the unscrupulous types mentioned earlier. Many who thought their case was hopeless have walked out of a  solicitor’s office, or court room in some case, triumphant, thanks to the work done on their behalf.

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