Tips for recruiting women returners:

· Highlight your family-friendly and flexible work policies - (e.g. term time working, 9-3 shifts, job share schemes, etc) in job advertisements

· Advertise in unorthodox areas - where women returners may be found, eg, around schools, childcare groups (often run in church halls), leisure centres, doctors waiting rooms etc

· Make sure that women are pictured in your promotional literature - and are portrayed as successful employees within the firm; show there is career progression for women within the company.

· State in the advert that this role may be suitable for a woman returner - or someone with childcare commitments.

· Make sure any training offered is mentioned - or include it in eg, the job application pack

· Make sure your equal opportunities policy/statement is mentioned - in the advert and prominent in company literature sent out with the application form, etc.

· Ensure that you understand the importance of work/life balance - work may not be the most important aspect of a returner's life and that you, as an employer, value people's lives outside of work.