The importance of healthy dinners

The pressure to stay healthy and feed our families with nutritious meals can sometimes be a strain. It is often more time consuming and costly to cook extravagant, wholesome meals and when your hours of hard labour are greeted by turned up noses and squeals of dislike, you can see how easy it is to form bad habits.

Thankfully, sites such as Super Savvy Me offer plenty of free advice to help you stay away from ready-meals and other unhealthy options. From simple to prepare, nutritious food recipes to advice on the best ingredients to buy and where to buy them, this community is an invaluable resource for any mum looking to advocate the importance of healthy dinners.

Experiment with soups

Soups are the perfect starter to a Sunday roast, or make a nice change to a sugary snack in the evening. Filling and nutritious, each portion can count for at least two of your five a day – making it a great option for those who want to boost their fruit and veg intake.

Super Savvy Me have a wide selection of easy recipes which are both easy to make and will be loved by all the family. Soup is a great substitute for sandwiches in the winter months; it warms you up and is far less bloating than white bread.

Use fresh, purpose bought vegetables, or simply what’s left in your fridge. Either way, soup can be very tasty. One tip is to use leftover roast chicken from a Sunday dinner to make a hearty chicken broth.

There are many different recipes to be discovered – so you can have plenty of fun with your chosen meal. If you’re feeling adventurous you could experiment with carrot and kiwi, or keep it traditional with tomato. Alter the recipes to your family’s taste by adding extra ingredients that you all like and follow supersavvyme on Facebook for more inspiration and advice.

Keep it healthy

It’s all about balance. We all love a nice takeaway or things that have been in the deep fat fryer but eating them too often will be detrimental to your overall health.

This might be a case of convenience; it’s so easy to pop a pizza on a baking tray and have done with it. As long as we bear in mind that these sorts of food are for special occasions, and not for everyday consumption, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

To pass this positive mentality onto your children is important but you’ll still want to give them a treat once in a while – complete starvation of fatty foods is only likely to encourage them to gorge on them when you’re not around. Perhaps pick a day of the week when they are allowed to eat chips, and stick to it. Kids thrive in a structured environment and giving them a weekly treat to look forward can encourage them to stick to your healthy eating plan the rest of the time.

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