How to get rid of unsightly skin tags

Whilst appearances may not be everything, they can influence numerous aspects of our lives. Taking care of our appearance is therefore something which we invest a lot of time and energy into and something which can affect our self esteem and confidence levels.

For women attempting to assert themselves in the corporate world, confidence is everything. If you fail to believe in yourself then you are unlikely to get others to share your vision or respond to your proposals in the desired manner. A confident visage is something which can make or break a business deal and for those with skin complaints or other small ailments, blemishes such as skin tags can be a huge issue.

To some, it may seem strange that something so small can have such a profound effect but it is far more common than you think. Many women will find something they don’t like about their appearance and more often than not it will be a small disfigurement or blemish.

What are skin tags?

One such example is skin tags. These are small growths of skin which are usually found in areas of the body where the skin rubs together (such as under the armpit). They can be mistaken for warts or moles but are completely harmless. The only discomfort sufferers may feel is if the skin tags rub or snag on clothing at which point they can bleed.

How can you get rid of skin tags?

For those interested in having these blemishes removed, treatment is fairly straight forward. Skin tags removal comes in many forms – from simply burning or cutting the skin away to laser treatment, cryosurgery and ligation.

Cryosurgery is where the tag is frozen off using liquid nitrogen whilst ligation is where the skin tag is tied off where it joins the skin. This interrupts the blood flow to the skin tag, causing it to fall off. All of these treatments are painless but should only be administered by trained professionals.

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