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WORKING AS FREELANCE TRAINER - 2023/09/15 02:30 I currently have the opportunity to return to work after an absence of 2 years sickness as a Freelance Sales and Telemarketing Trainer. Using my home as office base and obviously working from clients offices to train their staff. My background is 20 years in Sales and Telemarketing with the last five years of work life spent training new recruits in sales and telemarketing techniques. My speciality is Telemarketing, both teaching it and preparing and running telemarketing campaigns. Telemarketing campaign work has also been offered to me. I have already sourced a local outbound call centre to help me with this.

The work is being offered to me through the network of business contacts I have built up through my last job. I was there for 9 years.

The problem is a positive one! I want to do this, but just where do I start. I have nothing set up. What should I do first and where do I go to talk to someone about getting this right. How do I plan the work and how do I make enough money to live on etc etc

Any help would be gratefully received. You can contact me on
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TREEVES 2023/09/15 02:30