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Line Managers Need More Support


Today’s managers recognise the business benefits of have more women at all levels of the organisation,

yet more than half (54%) believe their organisation is failing to make a proper business case for diversity according to Opportunity Now’s research into line manager’s experiences and attitudes of diversity.

Only 26% of managers report that diversity goals form part of their personal performance objectives and for only 10% of managers these goals are linked with remuneration.

Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive of Guardian Newspapers Ltd and Chair of Opportunity Now said: “Line Managers play a vital role in encouraging diversity in the workplace.  Our research shows they need much greater support from their employer and genuine organisational commitment if real equality is to be delivered.  Senior leaders can have a decisive impact on the behaviour of their managers, they need to lead by example and take action to ensure equality and diversity happens in practice.”

The survey of more than 800 line managers from the private and public sectors showed that 92% of line managers believe that having a diverse workforce is important to organisational reputation, 85% believe that women possess valuable leadership skills, and 82% believe that women bring a unique perspective to decision making and problem solving.

Barriers to equality still exist and the survey revealed a clear gender divide in attitudes towards these.  61% of female managers cited the lack of senior or visibly successful female role models as a barrier, compared to only 34% of male managers.  57% of female managers believe that the fact women are seen as less committed to work due to family commitments is a real barrier compared to only 19% of men.

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