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New scheme being piloted


Flexible Skills Bank is a new scheme being piloted in Hertfordshire, that aims to create more flexible and part time working options for parents with dependent children.

Many parents of young children struggle to find work that fits in around
their family commitments and often take jobs that are low paid or low status
and don't use fully their skills or qualifications, purely because it is
flexible. Just because you have chosen to have children does not mean that
your work experience and qualifications are no longer valid.

Flexible Skills Bank has been established in the belief that there is a vast
pool of skills and experience that is being wasted, and that companies could
benefit from using these skills if they would think more openly about
flexible staffing options.

The scheme will be targeted particularly at small to medium sized companies
who could used some specific professional expertise, but cannot afford to
employ staff full time, or perhaps can not afford to pay the associated
commissions involved in using temporary staffing agencies.

Flexible Skills Bank will establish a local forum which will allow women and
men to promote their skills FREE of charge and to prove to companies what a
valuable resource of professional skills they have to offer to organisations
of all sizes.

Companies will be able to tap in to these resources at a fraction of the
usual recruitment costs, opening up new staffing options for them, allowing
the business owners to concentrate on the core business.

If the scheme proves successful, it will be rolled out nationally at a later

For full details of the scheme and to register, visit


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