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Good News from Down Under


On a recent trip to New South Wales Joy MacMillan Chief Executive of WRN was able to discover at first hand the exciting initiatives being developed both for women in the workplace and for women returners.

Many large and small companies offer high quality facilities and programmes to help women reach their career potential.  These companies have the resources to implement such equal opportunity policies and as such, are accountable to the high standards governed by the Governments Equal Opportunities for Women in the Workplace Agency.

Each year this agency receives information from up to 3,000 organisations on the progress of their workplace programmes.


The Equal Opportunities for Women in the Workplace Agency reviews each companies compliance with the legislation, it is the agency that announces the list of the most female friendly companies in Australia.  Selected companies can promote themselves as ”EOWA Employers of Choice for Women” in their recruitment and advertising.  This gives them an edge in the marketplace as they can attract the most competitive talent.


The list of Employers of Choice for Women is launched at a prestigious dinner and awards night, this generates media coverage and interest.


Anna McPhee the director of the Equal Opportunities for Women in the Workplace Agency believes that the trend towards female friendly company policies will intensify.  In 2001, the agency found that 23 percent of companies offered paid maternity leave, in 2006 the number had risen to 46 percent.


For further information click here https://www.eowa.gov.au/

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