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Welcome to the Women Returners Network

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Are we talking about you?

  • You would like to return to work. But you’re hesitant. Where do you start?
  • You would love to change careers. But you’re a bit lost. What else could you try?
  • You think starting your own business sounds exciting. But it’s what other people do – not you.
  • You would like to get some more qualifications. But how can you combine study with looking after a family?
  • You wouldn’t mind training as an electrician. But that’s a job for a man, isn’t it?
Sounds like you? Then welcome to the WRN (the Women Returners’ Network). You’ve come to the right place.

How can we help?

WRN is a completely independent, charitable organisation. Our purpose is to provide practical assistance to help women return to work. On this website you will find information and exercises to help you:
  • Restore sagging confidence. Find out what breaks confidence and what boosts it
  • Get a clear picture of what you have to offer employers. Identify your marketable skills, personal qualities and strengths
  • Decide what kind of work you really want to do. Try our simple mind mapping exercise to uncover your true passion. Can you get paid for what you like doing?
  • Consider different work options. Have you thought about running a business? What about re-training as an engineer, a plumber or photographer?
  • Think through how you will balance work and family. Look at our handy energy-enhancing and time-saving tips
  • Convert plans into reality. Use our action plan to get organised and turn your ideas into action
  • Get advice on how to apply for jobs. Look at our CV builder. Read about how to fill in application forms, present yourself at an interview
  • Find and choose quality childcare. Check out, too, our guide to maternity and childcare support and your legal rights
  • Explore flexible working options.

And its all for free!

  • All the information, exercises on this website are COMPLETELY FREE
  • All we ask is that you REGISTER a few basic details with us now. This information will help us measure our effectiveness. It will also help maintain funding so we can continue to offer free advice. It will NOT be passed on to commercial organisations. As a registered user, you will also get all the latest news affecting women returners plus information on new courses, job opportunities and other sources of free advice.
  • So please take a few moments to register now.