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What now? - 2023/09/04 20:23 I'm 41(just!!) and I have been trying to get back into work for a couple of years as my twins are 18 in October and old enough to cope...I have been on various courses (CLAIT, CLAIT Integrated,HEFC in English,adult equivalence of a Maths O level, 8 week back-to-work course which had 2 weeks voluntary work in it) but when it comes to applying for jobs I get told that I need recent experience....
My husband works so we are on too high an income to get on free courses and I have too many qualifications to get help from most sources...I am in the North East of England and would happily retrain but I would not do telesales and have no money to get involved in a franchise.
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What now?
JOJO2608 2023/09/04 20:23
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Kirsten 2023/09/25 21:31