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Not retiring - 2023/08/17 06:24 I have recently left a charity after nearly 20 years, having kept it going in various ways for years, most recently being coordinator. I have somehow arrived at nearly 60, having started quite late! I want a change, towards something that more directly addresses what I think I really want out of work, i.e. the sociable side. I have contributed to my field and achieved change, often alongside campaigners rather than feeling I have the real campaigning edge. Perhaps what I want is a social club rather than a workplace, but I would want it to be nearly full-time and busy! Having to organise a collection of things to keep me active seems too like retirement, and I don't feel ready for that - too energetic, and not really very organised. Being at home is driving me up the wall, just as it did when my children were small - in fact the whole thing seems rather similar, and the only thing that solved that was for my partner and me to both work part-time. However, he is still at work full-time, at least for a year or so.

I have found the build your confidence section of this website helpful, but does anyone else feel the same or have any suggestions? I have a CV which includes science, environment, charities, women's issues.
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Not retiring
alink 2023/08/17 06:24