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Citylocal Was Created For Local Surfers - 2023/08/01 15:08 Citylocal is the definitive guide to local information.

Mr Nazir Daud created Citylocal after struggling to find local information about Dundee on the web. He then decided to create Citylocal to fill the gap. His site was going to be the place for local information & news.

He sat down with his web site designers, analyzed other local sites and found them to be "very boring". Over nine months later he came up with a new and exciting concept.

His first website - - provides information
about tourism, entertainment, businesses, dating and the weather in Dundee.
However, plans are already underway to repeat the format in a franchise operation around the world.

He felt that there was a gap in the market place for a site that was totally committed to providing information for local people. His vision was that everything should be completely free for the end user. How was this going to be possible?

He said "I felt that if I created a site where users could advertise their articles for sale without worrying about the cost, children & their parents had access to a swap shop where they could just about swap anything for free, single people & those just looking to make new friends could reach out to others in their local area without any charge what so ever, then this would provide a much needed service for local people and thereby generate a lot of traffic."

He added "Now if there is a lot of traffic on the website then local businesses will pay to advertise on the site which would allow me to provide all these services completely free to the community."

As he set about creating his new internet concept, he could barely sleep at night, as ideas poured in.

He created fun pages where people could play interactive crossword & sudoku puzzles, children had access to free arcade games without having to subscribe or login and new writers were able to publish their stories online for free.

He said "Local people can now rate the businesses in their areas. Each person can only rate a business once. If you then decide to search for a business you can see the average rating that other local people have given that business and then decide whether it's the right company for your needs"

Citylocal is under constant development as Mr Daud looks for new services he can provide for local citizens. He is appealing for other businesses to join him in creating his vision.

He added "Why should people looking for a job, have to pay online job agencies to publish their CV? Why not make this service absolutely free so that local businesses can find them? If people have a spare room in their house, why should they have to pay to advertise it for rent?"

He plans to introduce these services in August this year.

Now he is searching for people who can appreciate his vision, to run Citylocal for their own area. He believes that for the site to be truly local, each area must be managed by someone who lives in the area and is committed to local people and their businesses.

He said "It is very easy to create a good income from providing free services to local people as then businesses will pay to be in the business directory."

He has a novel approach to launching his franchise worldwide.

"You can be the proud owner of your area for only 300 pounds a month. The franchise fee is only payable after 12 full months have passed. This allows you to create your income stream before having to pay the franchise fee"

His website address is:
If you require further information on the franchise then go to:
You can contact Mr. Daud on:
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Citylocal Was Created For Local Surfers
ndaud 2023/08/01 15:08