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Equal Pay Survey - 2023/06/08 14:11 Calling all female ICT professionals

The Directing Equal Pay in ICT (DEPICT) project has been funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the University of Salford from January 2005 to December 2006. The study will investigate the gender pay gap within the ICT industry and aims to uncover intended and unintended barriers to women’s pay and progression, which are embedded within organisational pay structures and reward systems. Currently there is no specific national data regarding the gender pay gap and the ICT industry. The in-depth study will be undertaken to identify the main issues and the impact of the gender pay gap on the under-representation of women in the ICT labour market. One of the main outcomes of the project will provide a basis for presenting solutions to the problem, whilst impacting on UK Government and employer policies. The team will conduct best practice workshops throughout England.
The research team Angela Tattersall and Claire Keogh will travel throughout the nine regions within England interviewing women from the ICT sector (public, private and voluntary) allowing them to provide their attitudes, views and experiences of the gender pay gap. An on-line questionnaire will also capture statistical data from women in the sector, this will allow the survey to reach a wider audience and provide supporting evidence to the study. A number of focus groups will be arranged for 2006, dates will appear on the project web site once they have been confirmed.
If you would like to contribute to the study, feel that you would like to share your views and experiences or could take a little time to fill out our questionnaire, please visit our project web site or contact Angela or Claire for further information.
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Equal Pay Survey
Angela Tattersall 2023/06/08 14:11