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The Experience Barrier - 2023/06/02 09:31 I'm totally frustrated with job hunting. I havent had any permanent employment for 6 years. I did three months temping 18 months ago but sine then nothing. I've applied for numerous jobs but recent experience is my stumbling block. I have completed ECDL (so my skills are up to date) but paid work eludes me. I think employers only pay lip service to the view that "transferable skills" are valuable when all that really counts is the reference from the current (or very recent) employer. If I manage to get an interview and im up against someone with identical qualifications I can guarantee the person with the current work experience will get the job.

How on earth can I get out of this trap?
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The Experience Barrier
Elaine 2023/06/02 09:31
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katie slater 2023/06/08 15:36