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Am I past it in my 50s? - 2023/04/11 09:59 I'm 54 and will be completing my OU literature degree in October 2007. I originally returned to study as it was something I'd always wanted to do, having left school at 18 with 3 A levels. I then took a secretarial course and worked as a secretary until I gave up work to have my 4 children. When the youngest was 5 I started my own retail business, which I finally abandoned after 8 years, at which point I returned to my studies.

I'm thoroughly enjoying my degree course and have surprised myself with my grades - I should manage to graduate with a 2:1 or even a first. I'm toying with the idea of going on to study for a Masters, but have become so used to the discipline involved that I've been considering a return to work, although I realise that a humanities degree is not very well regarded and, despite the new anti-age laws that will become statutory later this year, I can't imagine anybody wanting to employ somebody in her late 50s, especially as the only IT skills I have are the WP ones I've taught myself out of necessity for completing assignments and using the OU's message boards. Additionally I watched the TV programme recently (not sure if it was Panorama?) that highlighted how most companies employ very few over 50s, and I wonder how easily it would be to take orders from somebody in their 30s or 40s (assuming I could even get a job). My main interests are literature, theatre and the arts in general.

Does anybody have any comments or suggestions?
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Am I past it in my 50s?
Sandra Lawson 2023/04/11 09:59
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Elaine+ 2023/04/27 16:27
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Jan Spencer 2023/05/23 14:39