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Maths or Psychology degrees and career-prospects? - 2023/12/19 01:26 I worked in full-time day jobs from 1997 till 2001, mostly quite low-paid ones, but a wide range. I have worked as beauty counter assistant, private home tuition teacher for school children, admin/client support in an office, waitressing, sales assistant in the fashion department, hair salon assistant. I enjoyed certain aspects in all of those jobs, but not much career satisfaction as I felt I was doing the same old thing everyday, the jobs just weren't challenging enough mentally.

I got excellent grades for my O levels, I did 7 subjects (2 languages, 2 Sciences, 1 Maths and 1 Humanities). I got As and Bs in all of them except a C in Physics. I never continued onto further education when I was 16 was because I had severe family and personal problems without enough support and decided that it was better to come out to work and be financially independent.

I haven't been working for 5 years now - during that time, I'd gotten married, had 2 children, completed 1st year in Uni of Hull for a degree in Spanish and Philosophy. I got a Class I grade overall at the end of the 1st year but couldn't continue studying there because husband got retrenched and we had to move to another city for his new jobs. Whilst I did enjoy Spanish and Philosophy, I would have gone for more Mathematical/Scientific subjects at Uni instead, but didn't feel confident to do Maths/Sciences at that time because I've not done Maths/Sciences at A level standard yet.

Very recently I've completed my AS Levels in Maths and Physics, and got an A for Maths and a B for Physics. I'm going to start the A2 Levels next September (took this year off because of a new baby), and looking to go into Uni after that. I'm a bit stuck for course choices now because I enjoy such a wide variety of subjects. The "natural" choice would be to do a Maths degree eventually, because I've always gotten As in Maths and enjoy doing it (though I also enjoy other Humanities and Arts subjects as well). I like Psychology, but it seems like there's too many Psychologists out there and not enough jobs for them? Also the fact that I'm not very extroverted/outgoing by nature, would it hinder my success in that field? I like Medicine too, but I think maybe I'm too old for it/don't feel very confident that I'll get accepted anyway.

I hope to work in a capacity where I can actually help/nurture people in some way. Teaching or the medical field, or healthcare, or mentoring, etc.

By the time I graduate from Uni, I'd probably be in my mid-30s, with primary-school children. I'm just not sure if it makes a difference whichever subject degree I take, since I'd be middle-aged when I re-enter the work force. My husband's colleague said though, that Maths degrees would hold more career prospects than Psychology.

Does anyone have any thoughts about what I've just written? It would help me in deciding my next course of action - which A level subjects to take further if necessary, and which degree to go into eventually, and even if I need to get some work experience in certain jobs in order to help my CV.
Replies appreciated!

Rach x
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