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Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CATS)
Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CATS). The Scheme seeks to break down the many barriers that prevent people from taking advantage of higher education, enables them to accumulate academic credit towards awards (undergraduate or postgraduate degrees). These credits can be achieved through learning at work, unpaid or voluntary work, professional courses, as well as formal study at college. Further information on the higher education opportunities available and the credit enquirers may already have accumulated is available from your local university or College of Higher Education.
Distance Learning
Distance learning courses are offered by a variety of providers, use the link below for the British Association for Open Learning.
Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities
Its aim, through training, preparation and guidance, is to help people with disabilities to secure and maintain worthwhile employment matched to their talents and aspirations, by persuading employers to recognise positive ability and potential, not disability. Services are offered free of charge from a network of 12 regional centres and 4 special needs clubs around the country