Support & Funding

Gingerbread, the leading support organisation for lone parent families in England and Wales. Gingerbread was started in 1970 and is a registered charity maintained by lone parents. At this site you will find valuable information about support for lone parent families.
Learning from Experience Trust (LET)
Although most of us recognise and value the learning we gain through our formal education and training, we do not always place equal value on our informal learning. By far the greatest part of our learning is achieved outside formal education and training through our everyday experiences of acquiring knowledge and information by watching others, asking questions, solving problems and experiencing success and failure. Learning from our experience involves more than just gaining the experience itself. It also involves thinking through the experience to interpret and extract its meaning, in order to increase our understanding, knowledge and skills. Since its formation in 1986 as a not-for-profit educational charity, the Learning from Experience Trust has been promoting learning from experience as a valid and valued part of lifelong learning.
Lone Parent Grant (assessed by your LEA)
For full time students amounts up to 1,075 are available. How much you receive will depend on your income, and whether you receive the childcare grant. Other grants for students with dependent children include travel books and equipment grants and school meals grant. You should contact your LEA for further details.