Support & Funding

Educational Guidance Service for Adults (EGSA).
The core work of EGSA is to provide independent, client-centred information, advice and guidance to adults to assist them to access or progress in learning, of whatever kind, for whatever reason. The service was established in 1967 and has been grant aided by the Department of Education (now Department for Employment and Learning) since 1970. EGSA has always attracted a wide range of adult clients, including people wishing to change vocational direction or to restart their learning after a break. We are particularly interested in reaching people who have benefited least from formal learning.
A growing number of employers have set up career-break policies enabling their staff to take time off for domestic responsibilities and to return to work at the same level in due course. Banks, Building Societies and various branches of the Civil Service lead the way in this field but many key industrial and commercial companies have also adopted `family-friendly` career-break policies.
Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities
Its aim, through training, preparation and guidance, is to help people with disabilities to secure and maintain worthwhile employment matched to their talents and aspirations, by persuading employers to recognise positive ability and potential, not disability. Services are offered free of charge from a network of 12 regional centres and 4 special needs clubs around the country.