Support & Funding

Dependants Allowance (assessed by your LEA)
For full time students, if you are a lone parent or have adult dependants you may be eligible for a dependants allowance. How much will depend on your income and that of your dependants. Up to £2,175 for the first child or adult dependant and up to £1,740 a year for each other dependant child on a scale by age.
Disabled Students’ Allowance (assessed by you LEA)
Available to full time and part time students with disabilities (including post graduates). Part time students must by studying at least 50% of a full time course. These allowances help with costs you incur in attending your course, as a direct result of your disability. You can apply at any time before or during your course. A specialist equipment allowance of up to £4,255 for the whole of your course. A non-medical helper’s allowance of up to £10,755 a year. The maximum available is reduced if you are studying part time, to £1,065. Actual travel costs. How much you can get does NOT depend on you income or that of your family. This help does not have to be repaid.
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