Support & Funding

The Department for Work and Pensions
The Department for Work and Pensions is responsible for delivering support and advice through a modern network of services to people of working age, employers, pensioners, families and children and disabled people. Their key aims are to help their customers become financially independent and help reduce child poverty.
The National Council for One Parent Families
The National Council for One Parent Families promotes the welfare of lone parents and their children. Their aim is to overcome the poverty, isolation and social exclusion which so many face. They offer parents the means to help themselves and their families by providing information and advice, working with communities, and by developing new solutions to meet changing needs.
The Work Foundation
The Work Foundation, formerly The Industrial Society, combines leading-edge analysis of the modern workplace with practical experience of what inspiring and successful businesses and public sector organisations look like today. It is a new kind of organisation - part research institute, part business consultancy, part advocate. The Work Foundation takes the original vision and purpose of The Industrial Society, building on that proud heritage to create a distinctive and authoritative voice on work for the 21st Century. We offer new thinking, research, and solutions to the challenge of making our workplaces more effective, more successful and more fulfilling.