Hairnet Computer Training

Article posted: 31/07/03 @ 11.10

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Hairnet Computer Training trains older people who are
already computer-literate to pass on their skills to others in their
community. Hairnet licensed trainers specialise in coming to wherever the
student is, and train the student on the students' own machines. Licensed
trainers are all police-checked and carry ID. Many trainers work with older
people in their own homes or community rooms, where they charge 20 per
hour. They also go out to small businesses and organisations helping the
workforce to become computer-literate.

Hairnet is always looking for computer-literate over-50s - anywhere in the
UK - to train as licensed Hairnet trainers or recruit to the Hairnet
freelance trainer register (for those who don't yet want a full license).
These trainers then have a powerful, but controllable, part-time/retirement
job which brings them income and suits their lifestyle.

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