Article posted: 13/05/2023

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Ever read an article about writing a CV and wondered what a good CV actually looks like? Ever seen tips on successful interview techniques and thought how useful it would be to see a good interviewee in action? Certainly most women returners do. And from today, they have the perfect answer to their job-seeking needs.

A new CD-ROM, launched by the Women Returners Network (WRN) and supported by the European Social Fund and Essex County Council, provides a comprehensive, practical aid for women returning to work after a break.

Apart from giving general guidance and tips on the whole start-to-finish job-seeking process, a novel feature of the CD-ROM is that users can watch video footage of Steph, a fictional mother returning to the workplace after 10 years, as she:
 begins her voyage of self-discovery to identify what work she can and wants to do
 sets about researching the job market in her area
 prepares her CV and identifies her transferable skills
 attends her first interview for a job as an office administrator
 discusses work/life balance and childcare issues with her partner

As they watch Steph’s progress, users are also invited to participate in various exercises and download materials to help them apply what they have learnt to their own job hunts. For example, women are shown how to ‘mind-map’ to identify the work they would like to do as well as how to write a good CV, using model CVs to guide them. They can test their knowledge of interview techniques with a quiz and construct their own action plans to structure their job-seeking efforts over the coming months.

The CD-ROM, entitled, ‘Returning to Work’, also provides direction for women thinking about starting their own businesses. Again, handy tips and advice are accompanied by useful tools. For example, a sample business plan for a small catering business lets women see exactly what information banks or other lending institutions need before the agree to business loans.

For further information about this easy-to-use CD-ROM, which is accompanied by a friendly, down-to-earth commentary contact: Leigh Booth on 01245 263796 or email

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