Guiding women back to work

Article posted: 12.11.2023

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WRN in partnership with Business Link has launched a new service aimed at helping more women think about starting a business as an alternative to getting a job.

Joy MacMillan, of WRN said: “The new service is to help women think about being their own boss as a practical option when thinking about returning to work. Women have many transferable skills that are valuable when deciding to set up a business.”

The service says it will help women turn ideas into opportunity and realise their dream.

The government is encouraging women entrepreneurs to close the gender gap which sees only nine to twelve per cent of businesses solely owned by women compared to 44 per cent owned by men. The remainder are jointly owned.

Lack of confidence is a major barrier to women returning to work - either for themselves or as employees, says Joy.

A major part of the literature produced by WRN aims to build confidence and get women to recognise the skills and experience they have built through being at home.

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