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I've just returned to work after my second child. The biggest reason for returning (other than a little sanity and a break from nursery rhymes!) was financial. Why oh why isn't there more support for women who choose child care as a career? I am lucky enough that my previous employer is a small company with a big emphasis on TEAM and I am able to work part time with a salary not too much lower than if I were full time. I am lucky that my break was short so my skills and quals are still relevant. Big barriers are that employers don't see child rearing as a skill (you can bet they haven't juggled kids, dogs,shopping etc on a daily basis before!)whereas multitasking, organisational skills, communication skills (explaining why this, what's that and where babies come from!), the ability to work under pressure (tantrums in Sainsbury's) are all valuable business skills that Mums are great at! Hope this helps!

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