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I have been a returner to a career following an accident in which my then husband was seriously injured (1994) when in my mid 20s. I took nearly 3 years out of work to care for him and then retrained as a PA to get back into the work market. I successfully managed to qualify in HR with the CIPD and worked in HR. I have taken a career break again partly through choice this time and partly due to my current partner's career. He has been moved with his work to Dublin (2 years) and then to Holland (where I am now). I agreed to the move to Dublin thinking it would give me international career experience but by the time we moved I was 5 months pregnant and did not go back to work. So I have not been working since May 2002 and I have found it stressful in having been in a situation previoulsy where I have had to work very hard to get myself back into work at a level I thought would be appropriate. I am trying not to beat myself up this time about taking time out. I am raising our son successfully ( I think!), supporting my partner in his career and gaining experience of being an expat with all its difficulties and benefits! I am also reflecting on what I want in life especially in terms of work/life balance and realise that work is important factor for me to feel like I am contributing and being recognised in society. I found when i was a carer and now as a mother you often feel and are made to feel by others sidelined and unimportant - without a voice. I have found this difficult to deal with. Sorry didn't mean to bang on, but if you want to use my story or want anything else let me know via email.

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