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Hi there I found this link thru a magazine; I live in Belgium and I am returning (or trying at least) to the world of IT after many years of absence. although I am abroad, suggestions and coaching is always welcome...and via internet nowdays it is easy. Still, if you live in Belgium and would like or want to share opinions and experiences about the working world today, I would be glad to meet you. else, via email from UK is good as well. I did have a couple of interviews but, I must admit, it is my first encounter with recruiters. I don't like them too much: pushers, often not telling you the truth, using you for purposes! especially, I find it hard to get to meet the real employer for an interview: had to go thru 2 recruiters before I got to meet the firm that needed the person!! anyone had the same experience? and would you have suggestions to give? all the best, Alisa

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Message From alisa @ 08/04/04 12:34:14
Message Subject anyone outside of UK??