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Hello everyone, Sorry to bother you if you're not interested but, I work for a TV company called RDF Media where we’re currently working on a new Channel 4 documentary series called International Wife Swap in which we're giving three British mothers the unique chance to experience family life in Australia, America or Europe. I'm currently looking for families to take part in this series. We’re keen to find a family where the mother figure does not have a traditional view of a woman's place within the family unit. We would like to get in contact with families that have a more modern way of running the household and would like to share this way of living with other people and experience life from a different cultural perspective. We imagine women involved with this site and mothers who are wanting to go back to work to be people like this. Even if you're not interested, perhaps you may know someone who is....any help at all is greatly appreciated! If anyone is interested in going on the programme, they can e-mail us on or call 020 7751 7371. Thanks, Lisa

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Message From Lisa @ 26/03/04 17:29:41
Message Subject New Channel 4 documentary