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I am completely frustrated by employers and recruiters alike. I had my first son during my second year of study and went on to graduate in 1999 with a degree in architecture. My second son was born in '01, the year I planned on returning for PG Dip Arch, so I had to put it off for another year. Circumstance was that even though I was able to return to study, I had to withdraw from the PG Dip. Since March of this year I have been seeking employment, but everybody wants experience. I know it is important, but what about us women who have had children and have no experience?? I would love to volunteer but cannot because childcare needs to be paid. I cannot call myself a graduate because it is more than three years since I graduated... and also most of the organisations which I have approached for help offer courses but at NVQ's etc. I can's even do a short course at LearnDirect because I have a degree!! I am at a loss of what to do now, I feel that because of my age and having children no-one wants to employ me

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Message From la-kai @ 02/11/04 10:55:24
Message Subject experience, experience, experince!!!
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