The merger of Bank of Scotland and Halifax in September 2001 created HBOS, the new force in banking. With its aggressive expansion plans and powerful distribution network, HBOS is challenging the traditional high street banks through an
ever-increasing presence in England.

Building on our established reputation for service and innovation in Scotland you'll find Business Banking Advisors from Bank of Scotland Business Banking in many Halifax branches in England and Wales. If you would like to locate your nearest branch click here

We've recruited 1,500 additional staff, many from our competitors, to provide the flexible, speedy local decision making that businesses tell us they need.

As part of our women in business programme, we are delighted to offer our support to WRN and extend our expertise to help you start and grow your business and meet your banking requirements.

We've introduced a 'banking section' on the WRN website which has links through to both our women and business webpages and our "Big Fish" magazine, together with an "Ask an Expert" email facility where you can ask us a question about banking, finance, starting a business or provide us with your feedback.